On 2022 our concert proposal brings back pieces and artists that have been a part of the past 10 years of Tubala’s history. We as well keep faithfully trusting our identity: combining talent from local to international levels. Come celebrate with us our 10th birthday!

Tubala Brass Ensemble

Local soloists and festival’s teachers

Dec 5th / 19:00

🎟 €3

This opening concert is the  perfect example of Tubala’s identity: we are a great little family. The show gathers professors that are old friends to the festival, as Roberto Bodí, Carlos Gil, Joaquín Díaz and Luis Fernando Núñez, as well as a local ensemble formed by young talents that have developed their career along with Tubala. In order to make it more familiar, there is a very special surprise: Tafalla’s traditional Troupe of Giants and Bigheads.

Artistas del Gremio

& workshop’s pupils

Dec 6th / 19:00

🎟 €3

This show has everything: music, theater, improvisation and interaction with the public. The aragonaise group Artistas del Gremio will show up perfectly uniformed in their skirts just to break all the rules and combine classical, pop, rock and jazz sounds. In addition, the beggining of the concert will have the pupils of that day’s workshop as openers.

The -other- devil’s tale

Director and composer: James Stephenson

Dec 7th / 19:00

🎟 €3 

To tell stories is the most fabulous way of letting one go, so in this concert we are going to combine literature, chamber music and theater to divve into “The devil’s tale”, a composition by the North-American author James Stephenson, who had visited Tubala on 2016. The local theater group Puntido Teatro will interpretate the pieces’ texts.

Shining brass

Navarre’s Band Federation & soloists

Dec 8th / 19:00

🎟 €3 

If something defines this festival is teamwork, so what a better way to get to the middle of this concert week that with a marvelous one by Navarre’s largest Wind Band. Formed by musicians from all over the region and conducted by David Sánchez Andión, it will play alongside with the trombone soloist Alberto Urretxo, trumpeter Luis González and Beat Brass quintet. This musical date will also be the premiere of “Interplay”, a work for trombone and wind band by the Valencian composer and conductor J. Vicent Egea.

Video Game Music

Students and former students of Tafalla’s Music School

Dec 9th / 19:00

🎟 Free entrance

The auditorium turns into a videogame!

Enjoy this immersive show filled with light and colour in which we will hear all the most famous video game music ever. Who does play it? Students and former students of Tafalla’s Municipal Music School, who have always participated in the festival. The game is about to start!

Hamar urte elkarrekin

Local groups

Dec 10th / 19:00

🎟 €3 

La Banda la Tafallesa, la Coral Tafallesa, la Coral Tubala Uxoa, la Txaranga Malatxo, los Gaiteros y la Comparsa Asier Marco son algunas de las agrupaciones locales que intervienen en este concierto en el que celebramos nuestra trayectoria como festival y a nuestro fabuloso público. No faltarán los solistas locales y un estreno absoluto: la obra “X Aniversario”, de la pluma del compositor tafallés Carlos Etxeberría. Tafalla’s wind band La Tafallesa, the citie’s choirs, local Txaranga Malatxo, two gaita players groups and Asier Marco’s troupe of Giants are some of the groups that will play in this concert, a true celebration of our path as a brass music festival and a big thank you to our public. Local soloists participate too and, of course, there is a premiere of a music piece commissioned for the occasion: “X Aniversario” by local composer Carlos Etxeberria.

Puro de Oliva

Spanish Brass, Chano Domínguez (piano) y Pablo Domínguez (percussion)

Dec 11th / 19:00

🎟 €12

Spanish Brass, winners of the National Music Prize 2020, are back at Tubala Brass Week, this time alongside with famous jazz flamenco pianist Chano Domínguez and percussionist Pablo Domínguez. They will display their enormous range of musical colors and give us a pure taste of sound. You have never heard something like this before.